Red and Orange Gradient


Here is the list of all the winners of April 2022 Edition of Paris Cinema Awards

Best Short Film - Therapy Express (Sharon Ben-Tovim)


Best Student Film - The game of life (Junfeng Li)


Best Music Video - A Feast That Never Comes (Maria Juranic)


Best Animation - After the Rain (Chelsea Yijia Li)


Best Feature Film - A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me? (Ana A Prickett Braunstein)


Best Original Screenplay - The Exterminator Episode (Shay Zak)

Best Feature Documentary - Sorry For The Inconvenience (Agustin Liberatore Alfonso)


Best Super Short Film - Party Arty (Zach Holzberg)


Best Actress (Short Film) - Intertwined (Serhat dogantekin)

Actress : Patricia Hegedus


Best Short Documentary - Earth gods (Rui Cacilhas)


Best Director Short Film - Grief Rider (Alec Uittenbosch)


Best Comedy - Tricky Delivery (Stella Tinucci)


Best LGBT - Guiné (Sheila dos Anjos, Danilo Cica)


Best Inspirationnal - Metamorphosis (Mateo Nikolav)


Best Actor (Short Film) - The Last Bullet (Bill Foster)

Actor : Heston Lee


Best Director Feature Film - The Blue Pleated Skirt (LI Jie)


Best Short Script - Sleeps Like the Dead (Peter Hardy)


Best Drama - Without A Stage or (something in between) (Christian Jaramillo)


Best Thriller - Descend (Mark A France)


Best Sci-Fi - Reverence (Krystof Zlatnik)


Best Sound Design - Breaking Dawn (Yanzi Ding)


Best Director Super Short Film - Exactly Where You Are (Michael Roddy)


Best Mobile Phone Short - The Driver (Junfeng Li)


Best Editing - Love and the plague (Marcela Lordy)