Red and Orange Gradient


Here is the list of all the winners of November 2021 Edition of Paris Cinema Awards

Best Short Film - The Out-Fit (Maty Young)


Best Music Video - AKOSIA - ISO (Dale Edward Crawford)


Best Student Film - HOW SOON IS NOW? (Ella Mosseri)

Best Feature Documentary - The Author (Nima Soofi, Daniel Ricardo Irias)


Best Super Short Film - Hallucination (Wenhan Zhang)


Best Director Short Film - Mono no aware (Riccardo Di Renzo)


Best Short Documentary - Mi Tierra Entera (Alexandra Meneghini, Elena Du Pisanie)


Best Animation - Laika, Tito and the Universe (Victor Pereira Brites)


Best Comedy - We Sock (Petri Puroaho)


Best Feature Film - Visceral (Augusto Thomas Vannucci)


Best Mobile Phone Short - Breakfast with Jenny (M.C. Huff)


Best Actor (Short Film) - My Family (MIT WPU, Pune)

Actor : Satyawan Prabhakar Gagare


Best Actress (Short Film) - Other (Jay Arcansalin)

Actress : Samantha Jean


Best Editing - Spaceship (Jorge G. Camarena)


Best Cinematography - The Canary (Emilie Lowe)


Best Director Feature Film - Access All Areas (Charlotte Fantelli)


Best Drama - One More Second (Isabella Brito Mello)


Best Sci-Fi - Paracide (Paul Heron)


Best LGBT - Family Affair (Robert Hensley)


Best Inspirationnal - Humming in the Dark (Wynona Elise Bakker)


Best Sound Design - BYGONES (Ben Williams)


Best Director Super Short Film - Hallucination (Wenhan Zhang)


Best Horror - Reverse the Punishment (Christopher J. Moriarity)


Best Thriller - DISTURBED (John Andrew Crawford)


Best Fantasy - Humming in the Dark (Wynona Elise Bakker)


Best Action - Talion (Zane Barber)


Best Original Screenplay - Bobby Jaws (Iggy Blanco)